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You know Coolant Control as the additive and fluid company who collaborated closely with the U.S. auto industry in its prime. You can see our hand in domestic classics like the Ford Mustang and Jeep Cherokee. But did you also know that Coolant Control fluids continue to be integral components in projects like the Hubble telescope, reconstructive surgery of the tympanic membrane (artificial eardrum) and the NASA Space Shuttle rocket boosters? We have been vested partners with our clients in aerospace, healthcare, consumer goods, aircraft, grocery industries and more since 1974.

“From the early days, we would respond to customer problems immediately.  We’d throw our magic bag of chemical tricks in the trunk of the car and drive to wherever the problem was,” says Chairman of the Board Jorge Costa. “And we didn’t leave the site until the customer was up and running again even if that meant working through the night. I can remember actually napping onsite on the floor of the customer’s factory so that I could work more – that was strength of our commitment.”

“None of our competitors possess our background in the field,” says Garry Ferraris, company co-founder. “Our innovative products are based on real world problem-solving for actual clients.”

Because Coolant Control began as a trailblazing research lab formulating additives for our customer’s fluids, we recognize that no fluid can live happily ever after with its intended machinery. Heat, humidity and pressure levels change, plant processes evolve, machine tools experience wear or are upgraded. Over time, any number of variables can alter the relationship between the machinery and its chemical components, causing issues in a formerly perfect fit. For that reason, Coolant Control offers a holistic approach. “We help with elements that are foreign to our product but affect our customer,” says Jorge. Coolant Control has a system in place to monitor and manage your fluids, anticipating issues and resolving them in an ongoing effort to achieve and maintain operational excellence.

“Since acquiring Vulcan in 2005 and manufacturing our own fluids, Coolant Control is even closer to the end-user,” says Kurt Maurer, Coolant Control Sales & Marketing Director. We provide elegant solutions that extend tool life, increase production through facilitation of increased speed for machinery and reduced down time, and then there are the health and safety issues. Our customers experience fewer absences due to eczema and other health factors. “We are vested partners with our customer and our customer’s customer,” says Kurt. “Their success is our success.”

News and Events

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