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Coolant Control is proud to offer the Vulcan Oil line of Industrial lubricants. As you know, the quality of these products is very important and can severely impact your operations. Using the right products and technology can improve your efficiency and performance of your business and benefit your bottom line. For over 75 years, Vulcan Oil has been developing and manufacturing high quality and economical products to suit the needs of a modern machining facility. Please review our extensive portfolio of products and contact Coolant Control to start maximizing your potential.




Athena are a group of premium quality anti-wear hydraulic fluids blended with Group II oils and a select group of additives to meet the requirements of a wide range of industrial hydraulic applications.  The Athena hydraulic oils are formulated to provide excellent thermal stability, decreasing the chance of sludge formation, which can cause clogging of servo valves and actuators.  Our unique product chemistry provides anti-wear to help protect piston, gear and vane pumps through a wide range of operating conditions.  Athena hydraulic oils are formulated to undergo ultra-fine filtration – essential in today’s hydraulic systems.  Careful use of additives provides quick air release to help minimize pump cavitation and good water separation properties help prevent the formation of oil-in-water emulsions, preventing hydraulic system and pump damage.

Use: Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil

  • Highly resistant to oxidation, which prevents sludging and varnishing and also provides long service life.
  • Inhibited to prevent foam under the most rigorous operating loads.
  • Excellent performance on the Vickers Pump Test – weight loss of only 20mg on the ring and 2 mg on the vanes.
  • Over 4000 hours on the ASTM D-943 test (oxidation characteristics of inhibited steam turbine oil test).
  • NSF registered for food grade applications.
  • Provides excellent corrosion resistance for internal surfaces from entrained air and moisture induced corrosion.

 Download Aries Series ISO 10-100 PDS

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