GallonPailDrumToteCuprisan is a unique waste treatable copper complex designed to work synergistically with biocides. When used with an Isothiazolinone-based microbicide, as little as 20% of the normal dosage is required to attain a perfect kill and maintain a controlled fluid. Cuprisan will immediately eliminate and prevent the recurrence of most coolant-borne odors such as the common rotten egg smell. Cuprisan will also aid in the stabilization of water-based cutting fluids.

Cuprisan is typically used at 1 to 2% in metal working fluid concentrates. These concentrates are then further diluted from 10:1 to 40:1 with water.

Added sump side, typically 1/2 to 1 gallon of Cuprisan per 1000 gallons of fluid (20 to 40 ppM Cu+2) is all that is necessary to maintain a stable fluid. When Cuprisan is present in the in-use fluid, as little as 20% of the normal dosage of an Isothiazolinone-based microbicide is sufficient to achieve biological control.

Cuprisan also has applications in water tower treatment or in any application where biological
control is being maintained with an Isothiazolinone-based microbicide.

  • Description Dark blue liquid, essentially odorless
  • pH (neat) 9.5
  • pH (in use) . Assumes pH of the fluid being used
  • Active Ingredient (as Cu+2) 40,000 ppM
  • Specific Gravity 1.185

Cuprisan is available in 5 and 55-gallon non-returnable containers as well as 330 gallon
returnable totes.

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April 15, 2014


April 15, 2014