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This is where our legacy of expertise first took hold and one of the many areas in which we continue to excel. Our broad range of water-soluble or synthetic machining and grinding fluids are formulated for a long sump life, low operational costs and excellent operator acceptance. The benefits of the Cutrite series are: high performance machining, general purpose to heavy duty, no offensive odors, biological control, cleans machines, no foam, no hard water separation and excellent rust protection

Cutrite 3398


GallonPailDrumToteCutrite 3398 is a biocide-free micro emulsion metalworking fluid for machining and grinding of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. It is ideally suited for manufacturing plants desiring a single fluid to perform well on a variety of metals and operations.

The use of innovative technology allows Cutrite 3398 to provide excellent bio resistance without the incorporation of a biocide. The reliable, low maintenance qualities of Cutrite 3398 make it an ideal choice for individual sumps and central systems applications.


  • Excellent bio resistance without the incorporation of biocides.
  • Long fluid life in both individual sumps and central systems reduces overall costs.
  • Extreme pressure additives extend tool life and improve finishes.
  • Low foaming in all water conditions.
  • Excellent machining performance on aluminum alloys in difficult operation such as roll form tapping, Mapal reaming, gun drilling, and deep hole boring.
  • Excellent wetting properties reduce fluid drag-out and deliver clean machine tools and components.
  • Low maintenance fluid minimizes hassles such as frequent additive additions.

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