Cutrite 4820

GallonPailDrumToteCutrite 4820 is a general purpose, high oil containing soluble oil based on conventional technology. This is a excellent product for machining both hard and soft aluminum alloys, cast iron, and steel.

  • Can be used on all ferrous machining.
  • Eliminates metal buildup on cutting edge of tool while machining aluminum.
  • Low foaming and exceptionally clean.
  • Stable in 40 grain hard water. Easy to mix.
  • Contains no phenols, chlorine, or DEA
  • Extremely ultra-filtration compatible. Very low BOD after filtration.

Types of Metals Chlorine Foam Control Hard Water Stability
 Chlorine_ColorSulfur_ColorActiveSulfur_ColorEster_Color  No  G  VG


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April 15, 2014


April 15, 2014