Durasol MA 3480

GallonPailDrumToteDurasol MA-3480 is a high performance biostable semi-synthetic uniquely developed for the machining of magnesium and its alloys as well as both hard and soft aluminum alloys. This new multifunctional technology results in a very stable, bioresistant, low foaming product without residue formation in water up to 6000 ppM hardness.

  • Excellent machining performance on magnesium and aluminum alloys in difficult operation such as roll form tapping, Mapal reaming, gun drilling, and deep hole boring.
  • Stable emulsion up to 6000 ppm hardness
  • Low foaming formula
  • Biostable formula resists bacterial contamination preventing rancidity and extending coolant life.
  • Excellent corrosion protection protects machine tools and parts.
  • Extended sump life in central systems reduce overall costs.

Types of Metals Chlorine Foam Control Hard Water Stability
 Chlorine_Color Sulfur_Color Phosph_Color Ester_Color ActiveSulfur_Color  No  E  E


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April 15, 2014


April 15, 2014