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Coolant Control is proud to offer the Vulcan Oil line of Industrial lubricants. As you know, the quality of these products is very important and can severely impact your operations. Using the right products and technology can improve your efficiency and performance of your business and benefit your bottom line. For over 75 years, Vulcan Oil has been developing and manufacturing high quality and economical products to suit the needs of a modern machining facility. Please review our extensive portfolio of products and contact Coolant Control to start maximizing your potential.



PailDrumToteFRH-200 fire-resistant hydraulic fluid is specifically designed to meet the demands of today’s modern high-pressure hydraulic systems. The inhibitor package contained in FRH-200 will protect the entire hydraulic system against wear and corrosion.

Use: Hyrdaulic Fluid

  • High degree of fire resistance.
  • Non Explosive.
  • Oxidation resistant.
  • Passes ASTM D2882, 2000 psi pump test using a Vickers V 104C pump and meets the U.S. Steel requirement #171for 2000 psi fluids.
  • Liquid and Vapor Phase corrosion protection.
  • Compatible with rubber seals and packings.
  • Exceptionally high viscosity index.
  • Shear stable.

 Download FRH-200 PDS

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