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Straight oils and more. To ensure your machinery life-blood works.

Oils from our J-Cut series, our primary cutting oil line, are used in the world’s most demanding machining and grinding applications. Advance additive technology delivers high levels of extreme pressure lubricity at the point of cut to help lower costs. J-Cut oils also provide excellent lubrication for guide brushing, machine slides and bearings. The benefits are an extended tool life, improved surface finish and Increased cutting speeds. Our wide range of general use straight oils provide a solution for every application: hydraulic fluids, gear, compressor and finishing oils, cutting, spindle and way oils.



GallonPailDrumToteJCUT-9529 is an extremely high performance cutting oil employing overbased sulfonate chemistry in combination with traditional chlorinated extreme pressure additives and a special lubricity enhancer. This combination of chemistry yields extremely high performance in all metal cutting operations.

Copper Corrosion Viscosity SUS ‘F Chlorine Sulfur
1a 100 Yes No

  • Superior surface finish.
  • Extended tool life.
  • Suitable for use on all ferrous alloys including brass and bronze.
  • Defoaming agent.
  • Vanilla fragrance.

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