Orion 1025

GallonPailDrumToteOrion 1025 is a high performance cutting and grinding fluid for ferrous alloys. This oil-rejecting fluid outperforms conventional coolants in difficult operations. Orion 1025 provides excellent bimetallic corrosion protection to keep parts and machine tools free from in-process rust. In hard or soft water, Orion 1025 forms a stable solution that will not foam. Orion 1025 is a clean fluid that runs with trouble-free dependability.

  • Rejects tramp oils for easy skimming.
  • Biostable formula extends fluid life.
  • Low foaming in all water conditions.
  • Excellent lubrication allowing for moderate machining.
  • Excellent corrosion protection protects parts, machines and tools.
  • Settles chips quickly for a clean work environment.

Types of Metals Chlorine Foam Control Hard Water Stability
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April 15, 2014


April 15, 2014