Rust Preventatives

Oxynul rust preventatives…for on-going operational integrity.

Utilizing proprietary chemistry processes, our Oxynul Rust Preventive offerings have successfully reduced the objectionable odors commonly associated with solvent based rust preventives. Some of the features are: the thin film leaves non-tacky residue, excellent de-watering properties extend bath life, versatile rust preventive, lubricant and penetrating oil, easy to clean with mild alkaline cleaner and provides corrosion protection and lubricity needed for light forming operations. Our line of water-soluble rust preventives can be substituted for most solvent-based products eliminating harmful VOC’s and fire hazards. Some of the features are: soluble in water, no VOC’s and no SARA Title 313 reportable components.

Oxynul RI-333


GallonPailDrumToteA synthetic coolant is a cost effective rust inhibited coolant that provides sufficient lubrication for many different grinding and laser operations at high water dilutions.

  • Soluble in water
  • No VOC’s
  • No SARA Title 313 reportable contents

Flash Point ‘F, COC Film Type Indoor Protection Outdoor Protection
NA None 1-15 None

  • Spray, dip or wipe on parts.
  • Protection on cold rolled steel shipments.

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