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Coolant Control is proud to offer the Vulcan Oil line of Industrial lubricants. As you know, the quality of these products is very important and can severely impact your operations. Using the right products and technology can improve your efficiency and performance of your business and benefit your bottom line. For over 75 years, Vulcan Oil has been developing and manufacturing high quality and economical products to suit the needs of a modern machining facility. Please review our extensive portfolio of products and contact Coolant Control to start maximizing your potential.



The advances that have been made industrial machinery through improved technology in recent years have placed a tremendous burden on the lubricants required for operation of this machinery. This burden is the result of faster speeds, increased pressures, higher temperatures and various other factors associated with our modern day, high production oriented industry. Starting with the highest quality base stocks and additives available, the Coolant Control hydraulic oils are designed to handle the above mentioned conditions. Actual field use has proven that the Pandora Series give excellent performance in all spindle and machine oil applications as well as hydraulic oil applications.

The Pandora Series of rust & oxidation inhibited oils are compounded with high VI paraffinic base oils and state of the art additives. These additives include anti-foam agents, metal deactivators and ashless rust inhibitors producing premium quality fluids. These fluids are designed to perform in a variety of applications that include compressors, circulating systems and hydraulic systems.

Use: Spindle Oil

  • Pandora series surpasses 2500 hours on the ASTM D-943 test (oxidation characteristics of inhibited steam turbine oil test).
  • Pandora series perform excellent on the ASTM D-665 test (rust preventing characteristics of steam turbine oil test).

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