Product D

GallonPailDrumToteSpecially blended, highly effective, silicone-based anti-foam agent. Using a unique emulsifier system that was designed formetalworking applications, Product D has an extended sump life over other silicone based defoamers. It is used in very small quantities where foaming has become a problem.

Added sump side, typically one to eight ounces of Product D per 1000 gallons of fluid is all that is necessary minimize foaming. Add directly to system in area where foam has become a problem.

  • Description Clear to hazy liquid, pleasant odor
  • pH (neat) approx. 7.0
  • pH (in use) Assumes pH of the fluid being used
  • Specific Gravity 1.00

Product D is available in 5 and 55-gallon non-returnable containers as well as 330-gallon
returnable totes.

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April 15, 2014


April 15, 2014