Specialty Sumpside Additives

Taking side-effects out of the scenario.

Coolant Control offers an extensive line of post-treatment additives designed to eliminate some of the problems that can occur when using in-use metalworking fluids and cleaners—dramatically extending sump life and decreasing total fluid cost. We also offer water treatment products and services to guarantee cleaner, greener, efficient and more profitable systems.

Product D


GallonPailDrumToteSpecially blended, highly effective, silicone-based anti-foam agent. Using a unique emulsifier system that was designed formetalworking applications, Product D has an extended sump life over other silicone based defoamers. It is used in very small quantities where foaming has become a problem.

Added sump side, typically one to eight ounces of Product D per 1000 gallons of fluid is all that is necessary minimize foaming. Add directly to system in area where foam has become a problem.

  • Description Clear to hazy liquid, pleasant odor
  • pH (neat) approx. 7.0
  • pH (in use) Assumes pH of the fluid being used
  • Specific Gravity 1.00

Product D is available in 5 and 55-gallon non-returnable containers as well as 330-gallon
returnable totes.

Download Product D PDS 

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