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Coolant Control is proud to offer the Vulcan Oil line of Industrial lubricants. As you know, the quality of these products is very important and can severely impact your operations. Using the right products and technology can improve your efficiency and performance of your business and benefit your bottom line. For over 75 years, Vulcan Oil has been developing and manufacturing high quality and economical products to suit the needs of a modern machining facility. Please review our extensive portfolio of products and contact Coolant Control to start maximizing your potential.

Vulclean RP 13632


GallonPailDrumToteAn alkaline cleaner suitable for ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.

  • Superior Rust Protection
  • Very versatile product. Can be used in immersion or spray applications.
  • Does not foam and tends to float oil.
  • Does not contain free caustic.
  • Can be used in ambient applications
  • Hard water stable.
  • Non-nitrited
  • Does not contain any Sara 313 listed components.

Phosphates Silicates Nitrates pH, Neat
No No No 10.5

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