Specialty Sumpside Additives

Taking side-effects out of the scenario.

Coolant Control offers an extensive line of post-treatment additives designed to eliminate some of the problems that can occur when using in-use metalworking fluids and cleaners—dramatically extending sump life and decreasing total fluid cost. We also offer water treatment products and services to guarantee cleaner, greener, efficient and more profitable systems.



SDTSDT odor eliminating tablets are designed to be used in small sumps, usually of 200 gallons or less to eliminate and prevent odors such as hydrogen sulfide, i.e. rotten egg odors. SDT also reduces the biofilm, a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi as well as neutralizes endotoxins released from the micro-organisms found in metalworking fluids. They contain no formaldehyde or formaldehyde-releasing chemicals of any kind. Safe and easy to use, SDT is the most effective way to control odors in any water-based system.

Coolant systems for individual machines should use one (1) SDT for every 25 (100 liters) gallons of fluid in the sump. Each treatment will last between one and two weeks depending on how much the machine is used, type of material machined, etc. SDT is compatible with all Metal working fluids that have foul odors.

In water-based parts washers and degreasers SDT will eliminate and control odor problems.

  • Description: Blue tablets, odorless
  • pH (0.1% by weight solution)..8.7 ± 0.1
  • Weight (grams), 28.8 ± 0.3

SDT is available by the case. Each tube contains 15 tablets and each case contains 4 or 12 tubes. All Sales are F.O.B. Cincinnati, Ohio

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