Drawing Compounds

Offering a variety of water-soluble fluids and neat oils, our Vuldra and FBO drawing and stamping series is designed for light to heavy duty operations. Our water-soluble fluids offer: excellent rust protection, versatility, high level EP additives that increase die life and surface finish.

Vanishing Oil


GallonPailDrumToteVanishing Oil is designed to provide some corrosion protection & lubrication for industrial processes while having a high rate of evaporation that will leave the application with little or no residue. In this manner the product seems to “vanish” after application.

Additives Viscosity 100 F SUS Copper Corrosion Flash Point ‘F, COC
 32  1a  >120


Property Typical Value
Viscosity, SUS @ 100ºF 32
Flash Point, °F, COC 120 to 130
Density, lbs/gal 6.54


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