Our Vulclean product line offers high performance cleaners developed for a wide range of applications. For Maintenance and floor cleaners it’s: safe on most surfaces, fast drying, multi-functional and economical. For Spray cleaners it’s: low foaming, has good oil separation and is an excellent rust protection.

Vulclean FC 5551


GallonPailDrumToteVC FC-5551 is a non-flammable heavy-duty liquid detergent concentrate designed to be diluted with water for general maintenance cleaning. VC FC-5551 is highly recommended for use in the hand cleaning of soiled shop machinery and because of its fast drying and low foam characteristics, it is also recommended for use in mechanical floor scrubbing equipment.

  • Safe on all metal, concrete, paint, plastic and rubber seals.
  • Effectively removes tire marks and heavy oils such as drawing and stamping compounds.
  • No rinsing required at typical concentrations.
  • Dries fast to minimize slippery surfaces.

Phosphates Silicates Nitrates pH, Neat
Yes Yes No 13


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