Our Vulclean product line offers high performance cleaners developed for a wide range of applications. For Maintenance and floor cleaners it’s: safe on most surfaces, fast drying, multi-functional and economical. For Spray cleaners it’s: low foaming, has good oil separation and is an excellent rust protection.

Vulclean SP 1588 (LAC 11B)


GallonPailDrumToteVC SP-1588 is a heavy duty alkaline, liquid compound, designed for the removal of stearates, oils lubes, and drawing compounds from ferrous surfaces. This new and improved formula uses synthetic detergents and low-foam wetting agents that are stable in highly alkaline systems. VC SP-1588 is free rinsing formulation and surfactant system. This product is an excellent pre-cleaner for zinc phosphate coatings, plating, black oxide, and painting operation. This product will provide up to 30 days of in-door rust protection.

  • Excellent in-process and medium term indoor rust protection
  • Effective on heavy drawing compounds, metal stearates and heavy oils
  • For use on ferrous metals only

Phosphates Silicates Nitrates pH, Neat
No No No 13.5


 Download Vulclean SP 1588 PDS

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