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Oils from our J-Cut series, our primary cutting oil line, are used in the world’s most demanding machining and grinding applications. Advance additive technology delivers high levels of extreme pressure lubricity at the point of cut to help lower costs. J-Cut oils also provide excellent lubrication for guide brushing, machine slides and bearings. The benefits are an extended tool life, improved surface finish and Increased cutting speeds. Our wide range of general use straight oils provide a solution for every application: hydraulic fluids, gear, compressor and finishing oils, cutting, spindle and way oils.

Vulcut 188



Vulcut 188 is designed to be added to the sump of automatic screw machines to bring the performance of the cutting fluid up to handle difficult jobs or machining operations on a temporary basis.  The amount of Vulcut 188 added depends on each individual machine, the operation and the operator.  An easy to remember guide is to use rich additions if anti-weld is needed, and lean dilutions if tool rubbing (flank wear) is indicated.

Also, Vulcut 188 can be used straight for difficult operations such as broaching, gear hobbing and form grinding.  It is excellent for difficult to grind metals by making the grinding wheel act harder without burning the work piece.

Copper Corrosion Viscosity SUS ‘F Chlorine Sulfur
210 Yes Yes

  • Provides excellent tool life.
  • Multi use product.
  • Highly additized for extreme application

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